Web Designer vs Free Website Builders!

September 18, 2013

Free Website Builder Above

Thinking about saving a few bucks for a company that builds your website for free? You think why not it can't be that hard.

Free website builders lay it out simple enough where anyone can build a website make for themselves. However these companies lead you into their website where you have to pay to remove their logo on your products, you have to use their stock images, their templates, and you have to use their apps to put simple things on your website such as a map to your business. Guess what they all cost extra $$$ per month on top of yourname.com, and hosting. At the same time they do not fully give you complete access to build your content with your images. To make matters worst some free website builders strictly use Flash, which can only be seen on laptops, desktops and some mobile devices.

Over the years the your bill accumulates into a number that can run up to almost triple of what a web designer will charge you. The image above is a before image of a website we completely revamped and designed for Mr. D's Plumbing & Heating (Click to view after). Although it looks nice; it is all pictures! Having all images gives no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value for your website. Without SEO potential clients can not find your business in search engines.

Hiring a web designer will give you the opportunity to have a site customly designed for your business. Without any hidden fees everything you need for your website is already included in their price, maps, contact information, mobile apps, SEO friendly, e-commerce stores, images of your business/products without any watermark logos of the free website builder. Having your own web designer will also make things easier for yourself with a simple phone call your website can be change while you continue to work in your business without any distractions.

So think next time before you decide to use a free website builder! Hire a web designer, save yourself some money, and put it back into your business. Neee a website Contact Us we can help!