Music Videos

Most people believe that music videos are a dead form of artist exposure. When in fact they have taken advantage of the internet with viral marketing, and other social media outlets such as youtube. At Mino Studios we can produce a simple music video with 1-2 scenes, or a well composed video with up to 12+ scenes in different locations. We work closely with the artist to produce videos true to their style.

• Creative concept
• Script writing
• Meeting and Research
• Location scouting and permits

• Video equipment
• Production Crew
• Studio rental & set design
• Actors and on-camera talent
• Props (animals, cars, clothes etc.)

• Logging of footage
• Rough Edit
• Graphics and animations
• Final Edit

• DVD Authoring
• Online Video for Internet Use

Music Video Production

This is the minimal expectations for any music video we produce for our artist;

• HD footage
• Multiple Scenes and camera angles
• Incorporation of branding logo & graphics
• Website and social media marketing
• Smooth edits and scene changes
• Sound mixing
• Color correction


Our minimum charge for filming/editing on a music video production project is $400.00 with a minimum of $50.00 per hour to film the video. The composition of lighting, crew, motion graphics, special effects, green screen or CG based videos in artificial environments can push prices beyond $2,000.00 (this depends on the amount of effects you would like to include, and the amount of people working on set). We are willing to negotiate and work within you budget, but the higher budget the better looking the production will come out. Prices will also vary depending on special needs such as props, studio rental, locations, actors, dancers and special visual shot. However you would be surprised how much you can do on a small budget.

Contact us for free consultation, and we'll discuss your objectives. Mino Studios will be happy to put together a reasonable production budget for you!