Corporate & Commercial Production

At Mino Studios we understand the importance of video marketing. Through our research businesses that utilize video to market themselves are far more competitive than those that don’t. We work with your budget to make the best video possible from pre-production to final product.

• Creative concept
• Script writing
• Meeting and Research
• Location scouting and permits

• Video equipment
• Production Crew
• Studio rental & set design
• Actors and on-camera talent
• Props (animals, cars, clothes etc.)

• Logging of footage
• Rough Edit
• Graphics and animations
• Final Edit

• DVD Authoring
• Online Video for Internet Use

Corporate & Business Production

The following list represents the format of corporate videos in which we have experience or capabilities to produce for corporate clients of Mino Studios.

• Training Videos
• Commercials
• Promos & Interviews
• Marketing & Social Media Videos
• Video Presentations
Below, are the minimal expectations for any video we produce;

• HD footage
• Multiple Scenes and camera angles
• Incorporation of branding logo & graphics
• Subtitles
• Disclaimers
• Phone number, website, and social media marketing
• Smooth edits and scene changes
• Sound mixing
• Color correction


Video productions can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to few thousand, depending on your budget and production needs. When it comes down to an estimate they are usually about $1,000 per finished minute of video for the typical 5-8 minute corporate video involving a script, voice talent, actors and adding animation to the footage. What it comes down to is what you want to see on the final product, within reason of your budget. Special locations, angles and visual elements such as a exotic car speeding with a camera mounted to the vehicle, or aerial camera shot of your business is more than a camera person taking the shot from a distance.

Contact us for free consultation, and we'll discuss your objectives. Mino Studios will be happy to put together a reasonable production budget for you!